Choosing To Lose The Last Twenty – Come Along With Me!

Aloha All,

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post!  I had hoped to post more regularly.  This new post is written with the intent to blog weekly as I embark on a weight loss, life makeover and nutrition journey!  Will you join me?  If you are struggling with losing those last 10 to 20 stubborn pounds, then my posts may be of particular interests to you.  My choice points will be about the daily choices I make around health and nutrition.  The good news is that these choice points also apply to any area of your life that you are struggling to make changes in!

As many of you know, I got back into running to get back into good health!  While I am definitely fitter and lighter than I was 3 years ago, I still have about 20 lbs. that I want to lose.  In spite of running regularly 3-4 times a week and eating sensibly, I have plateaued and cannot lose these last 20 lbs.  I am not one to go on diets and yo-yo up and down with my weight.  Any changes that I make I want to be permanent.  I want a lifestyle change, not a quick fix now that won’t last long term.

Thus, I have decided to cut back, and perhaps eventually eliminate altogether, refined sugars, processed foods, alcohol and caffeine.  I don’t eat much processed foods but I have been known to munch on chips from time to time.  When I’m at work and need a little pick me up, I reach for a piece of dark chocolate or a bite-size Almond Joy.  I may have a glass or two of wine on the weekends and I used to drink 2 jumbo cups of coffee sweetened with vanilla creamer to start my day!  I am down to one cup of coffee now!  It’s these seemingly small bites of this, a handful of that  or a glass of this that eventually add up to excess weight.

Let’s face it, I didn’t gain weight overnight…It snuck up on me over the years… a little here, a few more pounds there and before I knew it, I was no longer in great shape.   Three years ago I decided once and for all to battle my fitness loss by running again, losing weight and rediscovering my inner athlete!  So here I am 20 lbs. lighter and able to run 26.1 miles without fainting.  Yet, my body is not where I want it to be so I want to dig deeper and find the even fitter me!  Are you with me?  Is there something you want to dig deeper to become?  More fit?  Happier?  Less stressed?  Financially fitter?   Then this journey is for you!  Together we will examine the everyday choices we make that bring us closer to or further away from what we say we want to be.  It is in these choice points that we decide our fate and choose which way we move…closer to or further away…

So on this Sunday night, I am choosing to cut out all the extra sweets that come across my path this week.  I am also going to plan my meals for the week so that I can ensure that I will eat healthy at all meals.  These are two things that I know will make a difference for me.  I will exercise as I usually do, running four days a week.  What will you do this week to move closer to the you that you want to become?  All you need are baby steps, just one baby step that will take you closer to what you want to become.  So will you come along with me?  Let me know what you’re moving towards and let’s support each other on this journey!

Until next time, aloha!


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