#100DaysOfHealthyHabits: Creating Motivation for Change

Here I am at the end of my first school year as a school-based psychotherapist on Maui and I am reflecting on how I can make small, daily, healthier choices in my life.  Not the “I’m gonna start the Whole30 plan!” or “switch to a Paleo diet” kind of choices that require a big shift in eating habits and provide endless opportunities to challenge your new way of eating!  I’m talking about the smaller, sometimes subtle changes that over time can lead to a HUGE shift in healthy habits often without others even noticing!IMG_0643-1

Ironically, I’m finding my motivation to make these smaller choices by doing a 100 day journey of habit change and will be posting it on social media.  Why do I feel the need to do a hundred days of anything?  Well, I did a #100happydays challenge a few years ago and that was really fun and made me stop and reflect on all the different things and people in my life that made me happy.  Thus, I decided to look at my life  and lifestyle and see what small yet HUGE choices I could make in my life to make myself a little healthier and to do this over another 100 days since research has shown that it can take an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic or to turn into a habit.

IMG_0639I figure by journaling my #100DaysOfHealthyHabits on social media it’ll hold me somewhat accountable and motivate me to continue on this journey of healthy choices for 100 days!  I am also hoping that it will motivate and perhaps even inspire others to begin their own journey of making healthier choices in their lives because, come on, most of us could use a little more health in our lives, right?  Health to me includes mind, body and spiritual health so I’m not just talking about dietary health here, but am also including mental health and spiritual health.


Summer time is a great time to choose healthier habits too!  Sunshine, beach weather – happy vibes all around!  So what do you say, will you join me on this 100 day journey of healthy habits?  Research also shows that it’s easier to make changes when we are accountable to others and have supportive people around us.  That would be you!

Post below if you’re up to these #100DaysOfHealthyHabits and let’s do this together and let’s start today, June 10, 2017! My first healthy habit is cutting my coffee intake in half from 2 cups down to one!  I add a lot of vanilla creamer to my coffee so I’m also cutting out a lot of sugar! How about you?  What healthy habit will you do this week? Here’s to better health!  You can also connect with me on Instagram at Martikawa09.

Thanks for reading and until next time, Aloha!

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2 Responses to #100DaysOfHealthyHabits: Creating Motivation for Change

  1. Keith McArthur says:

    I drank several cups of coffee a day until my recent surgery than couldn’t have any caffeine at all for a few days. Since then, I’m drinking just two cups a day. Still love it, but feels better to be less dependent on it!

    Good luck on your 100 days!

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